Course: Introduction to data analysis with R

An introductory course for using R given to UP Students at the beginning of the semester/ The main purpose is that students have installed R, and are able to format the data so they can use different econometric methods such as linear and non-linear regressions, PCA, etc.

Contingent Valuation Method (2022 videos)

A MSc level course introducing the Contingent Valuation Method

Tutorial: Regression on dummy variables using R

Using the package RTutor, I developed a complete online tutorial to conduct logit and probit regressions with R. The tutorial is designed for self-study and should help you through basic operations such as importing data to the analysis of the results (average partial effects, etc.

Choice Modeling and Experimental Economics (2019 edition)

A PhD level course introducing Choice Modelling and Experimental Economics

Just Posted 2022 Slides on CVM

I have created six new short videos to introduce the contingent valuation methods to University of Pretoria students.

Revising the basic R website

Stay posted for more news soon